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Hoard the Spoils | Fantasy Roleplaying

For Hoard the Spoils, a pen-and-paper fantasy roleplaying game book, I designed the cover by creating a scene of seven fantasy characters. They are standing in a magically lit cave, guarding a pile of...
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Stephanie Seiler | Personal Branding

Creation of my own logo, Corporate Identity and homepage. The logo is based on the golden ratio, and plays with positive and negative shapes. The watercolour effect gives the business cards a unique look. I...
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Iceland’s rough Beauty

Having spent 4 months working in Iceland, we wanted to see the beauty of this unique country, so we went on two roadtrips (Golden Circle tour and around the whole island) and hiked Laugavegur,...
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80’s Movie Poster | Graphic Stock

GraphicStock hosted this contest to create an iconic movie poster from the 80's by using at least one stock photo. I chose The Secret of Nimh, since it is an almost forgotten children’s movie...
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Viktoria & Norbert

Viktoria and Norbert decided to get married at the winery Esterhazy just outside Eisenstadt, Burgenland in May 2019. They both have a strong connection with Scandinavia, so they wanted to incorporate its minimal aesthetics...
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Kungsleden | Hiking Trail

Doing a one week hike on one of Sweden’s most famous hiking trails, Kungsleden (kingstrail), from Abisko to...
/Posted by: stephanie

Abyzus | Fantasy Novel

The concept for the fantasy novel Abyzus was to create a book cover that looks like an ancient tome, showing medieval and Celtic symbols. Therefore I developed a logo, that integrates the two suns...
/Posted by: stephanie

Brand New Code | IT Company

Young, fresh and minimal logo concept for “Brand new code”. Brand new code specializes in developing software as a service applications, maintaining web-based applications or platforms and selling online SaaS concepts f.e. like Mailchimp...
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Wandering Cinema | Event

The wandering cinema is an organisation that shows movies throughout the whole country of Austria. They are not only moving from one big city to another but also visiting small villages and towns. My two...
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Skald | Mead

Viking Mead Ltd is a brewery based on the Shetland Islands, the northernmost group of islands in Scotland. The mead's name originates from the Viking’s legend of The Mead of Poetry. It is said that...
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Mona and Lisa | Drawing Table

Mona and Lisa is an intelligent drawing table and storage system for children. Due to the strong variability of the product the height and tilt of the table top can be adjusted and it can...

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