Mona and Lisa | Drawing Table

Mona and Lisa is an intelligent drawing table and storage system for children.

Due to the strong variability of the product the height and tilt of the table top can be adjusted and it can be turned by 90 degrees to transform the table into an easel. This should encourage kids to change their posture more often and generally provides them with more personal freedom. The storage boxes, that are attached to the side of the table top, can be matched to the tilt of the table by rotating them. When not used they can be taken apart and piled up. The table thus remains tidy and free for any kind of new ideas.

After a detailed market research Perludi, a company based in Graz, was chosen as a cooperation partner for this project. It is a Cradle-to-Cradle business that produces functional, child-oriented furniture. The company impresses with simple design solutions and their choice of material.

This project was created as my bachelor thesis during my Design and Product Management studies. The thesis required the development of a product and a business plan. Besides product development this included the recognition of the target group and target market, as well as the creation of a marketing concept and the calculation of finances.

Mona and Lisa

Children's drawing table

Bachelor thesis in corporation with Perludi