Who I am

Hello, I am Stephanie Seiler, a graphic designer and illustrator from Vienna, Austria. Through my multifaceted education in design, strategic marketing, languages and my personal interest in photography I developed a holistic approach that goes beyond mainstream graphic design.

What I do

In the past three years, I specialised in branding and print as well as digitally illustrated cover art and packaging. Photography is a personal passion of mine and is included in projects whenever needed.

On this page, you can see my creative journey over the years. My website shows a selection of designs created for customers, projects for graphic design competitions on 99designs and some personal works. Education, work experience, skill levels and tools that I work with can be found here.

How I work

Travelling, studying and working abroad in Northern countries of Europe have influenced my work and my view on minimal design and closeness to nature. In my opinion, good design derives from experience, profound know-how about market and customer needs and a good eye.

My aim is to not be tied down to one place but instead to work location-independently, setting up my office wherever it needs to be.