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Hoard the Spoils | Fantasy Roleplaying

For Hoard the Spoils, a pen-and-paper fantasy roleplaying game book, I designed the cover by creating a scene of seven fantasy characters. They are standing in a magically lit cave, guarding a pile of...
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Pelvic Stool | Ergonomic Stool

Created during my exchange year in Finland, pelvic stool is a rocking stool that strengthens your back while sitting, through a rocking motion. To achieve the correct sitting position, you can either rest your feet...
/Posted by: stephanie

Wandering Cinema | Event

The wandering cinema is an organisation that shows movies throughout the whole country of Austria. They are not only moving from one big city to another but also visiting small villages and towns. My two...
/Posted by: stephanie

Silent Winter | Scandinavian Canvas Art

The task was to create a minimal artwork inspired by Scandinavian nature, that can be used as canvas art in interior design shops. I created a piece called “silent winter”. It shows a winter...
/Posted by: stephanie

Skald | Mead

Viking Mead Ltd is a brewery based on the Shetland Islands, the northernmost group of islands in Scotland. The mead's name originates from the Viking’s legend of The Mead of Poetry. It is said that...
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Swing Jam | Music and Dance

An evening full of music, dance and laughter. Swing jam events take place at Kontrabass in Zurich, Switzerland, where people can come with their instruments and join in as well as dance lindyhop or...
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Mandala | Craft Beer

Mandala craft beer originates from Chile, South America. With their new labels, they want to speak to a young target group, who appreciates the quality of beer and enjoys to have new experiences. Therefore, I...
/Posted by: stephanie

Stephanie Seiler | Personal Branding

Creation of my own logo, Corporate Identity and homepage. The logo is based on the golden ratio, and plays with positive and negative shapes. The watercolour effect gives the business cards a unique look. I...
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Yggdrasil | Jewellery Tree

This special jewellery tree shows Yggdrasil, the Norse world tree. In Norse mythology Yggdrasil incorporates the nine realms of the cosmos within its branches and roots, thereby connecting all things. Many mythological elements can...
/Posted by: stephanie

Travel Chess

Travel Chess created from green and grey loden for the board and oak and walnut for the playing stones. It was developed during my internship at Geislar Designhouse in...
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Brand New Code | IT Company

Young, fresh and minimal logo concept for “Brand new code”. Brand new code specializes in developing software as a service applications, maintaining web-based applications or platforms and selling online SaaS concepts f.e. like Mailchimp...

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